Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post #16: Grinding It Out

Well, here we are towards the end of the semester, and we're still working like crazy. This week we've been trying to determine how to feasibly complete our film by the final exam date, and the harsh reality of just how little time is left has been quiet discouraging. Right now we're toying with cutting out a character whose scene just isn't fitting in well (also, it's a scene we haven't shot yet, so leaving it in there would leave us with a lot of extra work). We've also hit a snag in that one of our actors who's (relatively complicated) sequence we need to finish shooting is out of town most of next week, so we'll have to work really hard to schedule his last shoot in time. On top of that, we still need to cast the part of Larry. Thankfully that's a one-night shoot with a relatively easy location (the Knight Radio station), so we can accomplish that pretty easily once it's scheduled.

Well, that's pretty much it. now it's just keep editing, finish filming, and hope it makes sense by the time it's all stitched together (I really hope it does).


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