Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post #15: Production Continues

Well, we've hit what is probably the mid-way point for production. We've made a few cuts in the script, and should have a final, final draft by Monday. This week we completed filming three scenes: Rob's introduction, Rob at the last bar, and Jessie's scene. Last Saturday we had filmed Rob's intro scene, which went very well except for the discomfort of having to work in 88 degree weather under a mid-day sun (Yuck!). Then on Wednesday we had a lot of fun shooting Rob's second scene. We were given permission to use the side-bar at the Irishmen Bar in Boca, and had a wonderful experience shooting on location. The managers were extremely friendly and accommodating, and we all had a great time. Finally, we finished up the week by shooting Jessie's scene Friday morning at Christines. For this shoot we braved the use of the steadicam, which I wore during the shoot (and yes, it is very heavy!). We were very excited about getting to check out this equipment, but production time was very tight (only 30 minutes between classes), so we have to review the footage and decide if any pick-ups are necessary.

- Stephanie

Here are the pics!

Filming at the Irishmen:

Virginia and Taliesin running a scene:

End of the scene:

Adam and Grant hard at work on set:

Steadicam-ing at Christines:

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