Monday, April 11, 2011

Post #14: Early Production Update

So, production officially began last week, and to date we have had three official shoots! We are almost finished with Mike's scene, which we shot last Sunday and Friday, and then on Saturday we got a head start on Rob's scene and filmed the opening. This week is planned as the biggest week of production, and we will try to finish Mike, Rob, and Jessie's scenes. That way we have next week to shoot Eva and Larry's scenes, both of which are still going through some major changes, but require the least amount of on-location work.


PS- Here are some photos from Friday's shoot:

Below: Dawn light at 5:30pm for Mike's wake-up scene.

Below: Our DIY light rig to achieve the lighting affect showcased above. (Diffused 1000, blue gels affixed to barn doors with both gaffer and electrical tape, and Grant's closet door removed from it's hinges and relocated across the room for the venetian blind effect.) :-)

Below: Ahh! That door is possessed! (front view of the lighting rig)

Below: Giving direction to our actor Mike, who is playing the character of...well... Mike.

Below: The four of us (Mike, Adam, Grant, and I) crammed into Grant's bathroom during the shoot.

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