Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post #13: Production Begins!

Alright, production for "Fragments" has officially begun! (Only, um, a couple weeks behind schedule). On thursday we met on location (a.k.a. Grant's apartment) to rehearse Mike's first scene with our actor, Mike. (Yes, the name thing confused me as well). After blocking the scene with Mike and working out lighting setups, we met again on Sunday for the FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING! YAY! It took a bit longer to set up than planned, but there were chocolate chip cookies so everyone was in a good mood. We managed to film the living room scene today, and had to push the rest for the next shoot (where hopefully we can schedule more than an hour and a half total filming time, schedules allowing.) Overall, it was a pretty successful shoot, and we can't wait to meet and look over the footage on Monday.

More updates to come, along with pictures from the first shoot.


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