Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post #18: Polishing

Well, the exam was on Friday, so we screened 'Fragments' for the class. We got some valuable feedback that we really appreciated, and now all that's left to do is to polish up the final cut a bit more, and try to tighten up the film. I'm going to propose to Adam and Grant that we film one additional scene for the end of the film to help tie everything together, and then the whole project should seem a bit more cohesive. (Basically, instead of ending with Late-Night Larry's conclusion in the radio station, we should add another scene of Larry writting his radio script, just so that it's clear that they were fictional, which didn't really come across in the origional cut.)

Alright, so even with the semester over, we've got some work still to do. Once the final cut is complete (adding the extra scene and fixing up some audio levels) we'll get copies to each of the actors, and try to post the film online (if not the whole thing, then at least a few scenes...depends on copyright, etc.) After that it's just print the poster for our portfolios and decide where to submit the film.


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